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Common Types of Men’s Underwear

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Many years ago, when men try to select underwear, they were only limited to briefs and boxes. However, the styles of men’s underwear today are extremely varied. There are a lot of types to choose from. It all depends on your preferences and your day-to-day activity.  



Since there are tons of different underwear types for men out there, we’re only going to talk about the most common ones today. If you’re planning to buy your underwear, here are some of the most common mens underwear today: 


When it comes to popularity, trunks are one of the most common choices for men. They’re a mix between a boxer brief and a brief. However, trunks don’t include the heap of fabric that you usually have with boxer briefs. This type of underwear has short legs and a square—cut look. You should try it if you want to try something new.  

Keep in mind that boxer briefs and trunks aren’t the same. Trunks are more of a square-cut brief. This type of underwear is either a longer brief or a shorter boxer brief. It depends on how you look at it. A lot of men do not know that they’re wearing trunks. To make things simple, you’re wearing trunks if the leg is short but not as short as brief.  

Boxer Shorts 

Typically, this type of underwear is made of stiff fabric. Boxer shorts sometimes have a balloon seat. For those who don’t know, it’s a panel of loose fabric at the short’s back portion. A balloon seat helps shape the butt when you bend forward. Almost every boxer short is made with a rear panel seat. 

Gripper boxer shorts include an elastic waistband. Typically, it also features 3-4 snaps on the waistband and fly so the shorts open up completely. Yoke front boxers have a waistband that you can open totally without any snaps.  

Boxer Briefs 

This type of men’s underwear is great for daily use. Typically, they are made of a comfortable mix of fabric such as spandex and cotton. They work well under athletic gear for moderate sports. Typically, boxer briefs have a keyhole fly. However, that isn’t its main aspect. There are boxer briefs with waist-minimizing waistbands, odor guards, moisture-wicking fabrics, and package improvements that bring out the wearer’s contours, just like briefs.  

A couple of people tend to drop the word boxer whenever they’re talking about boxer briefs. Because of this, there are quite a few confusions about the differences between the two types. To make things simple, boxer briefs are ones that extend over the leg.  


Almost every man owns several pairs of briefs. Briefs are your daily, reliable underwear that comes in a variety of styles and rises. Basically, this type of underwear is great for going out and light sports. They cover the butt and the package. However, they do not place any constraint or coverage on your legs or thighs. Because of this, they’re extremely comfortable. It does not matter what you wear over them.  

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